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Product Details

Optical sorting machines (color sorter)

The optical sorting machine sorts products by color, shape, size and texture. Thanks to the high resolution cameras and a throughput of up to 50,000 frames per second, achieved the purity of such Grain 99.99%.
With a spectrophotometer reflectance spectra are removed, thereby providing maximum contrast is intended for parameterized standard.
The adjustment of color and other parameters on the sorting machines is easy to handle by the operator.
The sorting system is characterized by a high performance and long service life. The plant is certified in accordance with all applicable regulations and standards in the EU.
Local service is guaranteed. Manufacturer is Voronezhselmash Co., Voronezh, Russia *.


  • Food industry (chips, etc.)
  • Agriculture (cereals, rice, beans, seeds, etc.)
  • Textile crops (cotton, linen, etc.)
  • Chemie (granules, etc.)
  • Small plastic parts
  • Stones, minerals
  • Jewelry, diamonds, precious stones
  • Salts
  • Timber industry
  • Glass industry
  • Small electronic parts
  • Small mechanical parts

Technical Description

Drive: Electric
Power Requirements: AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Airflow (l / min) : 800-1200
The air pressure at the inlet to the separator (MPa): 0,7-0, 9
Operating air pressure (MPa) : 0,3-0, 5
Number of High-Speed-Valves/part : 216
Power: (kW) 1.1
Operation: 1 person
Height, cm: 1900
Length, cm: 1500
Width, cm: 1045

Novelty: Optical-fiber sorting machine

This new high-tec sorting machine permits the selection of an even broader spectrum of separation features. For example, screening ‘of the material to be sorted according to the internal structure variations.
This is possible thanks to the features of the machine using one or more lasers, which work simultaneously with different wavelengths.
Highest accuracy of the separation process and consistent high throughput guarantees.

For brief introduction to the workings of a color sorter, or as pdf download

* Authorization of Knuth Knuth & Techkontakt Trading & Consulting by Voronezhselmash