New Technology: Laser-based sorting machine of VORONEZHSELMASH

VORONEZHSELMASH presented at the exhibition ” Agritechnica 2013″, their latest innovation : the laser -based sorting machine . Equipped with state of the art fiber laser technology allows color sorter machines for the first time to separate the seed or grain not only by external symptoms such as color, shape or texture, but also on the chemical composition . Can be recognized as additional hidden “internal parameters”.
Agritechnica takes place from 10. to 16. November in Hanover. Our partner VORONEZHSELMASH presents its products in hall 5, stand B – 05 -37.
All interested parties are to be invited to visit us at the booth and learn more about the benefits of the new sorting machine with fiber laser technology .

Here are a few quick facts about the sorting machine with fiber laser

  • Possibility of a spot analysis of the spectral composition of the grain for the purpose of sorting the chemical composition
  • In addition to color, texture, form elements are further hidden internal parameters for more precise separation available
  • The luminous flux density of a fiber laser sorter is a multiple of the lighting technology used to date (LED, fluorescent tube ) , this helps to reduce the exposure time of the camera
  • Locating Hidden germination

Let us advise you of the benefits and capabilities of the new fiber laser technology in sorting the seeds directly from the experts at the show .

 Faserlaser Sortiermaschine
right now to make an appointment for the fair and benefit from the new technology
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