Color Sorter – Principle of sorting

None of the traditional techniques reached such a quality in the grain cleaning than the photo-pneumatic technology!

The optical sorter from F series of Company Voronezhselmash set new standards in the optical sorting. The applications for the use of an optical sorting machine are numerous. One of the largest application areas is the food industry. The color sorters separate the product to be separated by color (eg corn, rice …). It automatically separates the different color of the grain, thus dividing the share premium product from the impurities.

The color sorter family are characterized by the following features:

  • high degree of purification – up to 99.9%
  • High capacity – up to 30 t / h
  • simple control
  • high reliability
  • Universal – separation of different products

Principle of sorting by color

color sorter principle diagramm

The grain pile comes into the hopper, from there it goes into the vibrating feeder. The vibratory feeders spread and leveled the grain to a single-layer flow.
Two video cameras are installed at the two sides of the control area. The single-stream from e.g. Cereal is scanned by the cameras. The data of the video cameras are used in the arithmetic unit and are analyzed in real time. From the results of image analysis of the signals, an air flow pulse is generated by opening the valves at the moment on the fly by the detected particle. The compressed air pulses with a pressure of (0.4 … 0.6 MPa), which is generated only for the duration of a few milliseconds, blowing the grain into the corresponding receiver module.