Market entry and business expansion to Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine are a very interesting market for businesses. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the innovative mechanical and electrical engineering, offer excellent opportunities to expand the current business. Many plants and their machines are no longer on the current state of technology, the demand cannot be met with domestic firms, so that Russia, and Ukraine recorded a high proportion of machinery imports to renew it.

For market entry, many models offer suitable vary by company size and strategy. From direct sales through sales representatives, building a business office or even the establishment of a subsidiary or subsidiaries. All models have an important prerequisite in common: a personal local contact! Especially in Russia and Ukraine, it is particularly important to have local representatives as a company representative. Dealing with the authorities, customs and negotiations with customers can be successfully carried out only with knowledge of the culture of the target country.

The right strategy leads to success

The cheapest option for a successful market entry in Russia and Ukraine is selling through retail partners. So no costs for start-ups, personnel costs incurred etc., you can use your investment as most of the marketing. Techkontakt has a well-established network of industry experts with links to business and industry, scientific institutions and authorities, we find the right trading partner for your business.

For more activities in Russia, offers to build a business representative office in Russia or Ukraine. How to present your business with a contact person, a local business address and local communication channels (phone number etc. ). This builds trust with the customer and is particularly helpful in the organization of trade fairs, customs clearance and contact the authorities. As such the company you keep complete control of the company image.

What strategy for your business is the right one, cannot be answered flat. Techkontakt can advise on all areas necessary for a successful market entry and helps you develop a customized strategy to market development. You can rely on the experience of our professionals, many with more than 20 years of experience in trade with Russia and Ukraine. Through our background and our technical engineer specializing in innovative machines and equipment, we can also find the right model for your product for a business expansion.